clanwar details

date: 22.12.2010
game / squad: [b00bs] Urban Terror match team
opponent: +OC+ / Outta Control
league: Urban Zone Winter Cup [matchlink]
maps: uptown, orbital_sl
map result
uptown 1 : 0
orbital_sl 0 : 1
total 1 : 1
[b00bs] team: Slash, SubZ, RAW-mEAT, The-spiki, RayLewis, Ace,
+OC+ team:
server: [b00bs] EURO match server
hltv server:
Round 1 : Uptown TS = 9:6
Round 2 : Orbital_sl TS = 9:11

Last round was a mess. United Kingdom SubZ was CI, by mistake I kicked Germany RAW-mEAT who was still alive... so we played 3 vs 5 at 9:10 and lost the chance of a tie.


Not a Teamspeak 3 server/bad query port

[b00bs] clan SERVERS
[b00bs] USA Uptown only CTF
[b00bs] USA Uptown only TS
[b00bs] USA Snipers only
[b00bs] Downtown 27967
[b00bs] USA Jump Maps
[b00bs] UK funmap only TS
[b00bs] EURO Uptown CTF
[b00bs] EURO Uptown TS
[b00bs] EURO Uptown TDM
[b00bs] EURO Uptown BOMB
[b00bs] EURO Pronmaps only
[b00bs] Return The Frag CTF
[b00bs] EURO Boobstown TS
[b00bs] BOMB this shit out
[b00bs] Deutsch Mutterschiff
[b00bs] EURO Uptown SNOW
[b00bs] EURO Uptown FFA
[b00bs] EURO Jump maps
[b00bs] EURO Jumpers
[b00bs] Dust2 only
[b00bs] UK Red Eclipse